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5C: Is Human Food an Absolute No-No for Dogs?

Have you ever fed your dog your leftovers?

After analyzing a few commercial dog foods I remembered hearing how they lacked nutrition, and feeding dogs human food is an absolute no-no. If we can’t feed our dogs our leftovers then what have ancient domestic dogs been eating? Sure, there’s that whole argument on how some of our food aren’t digestible for dogs (and how some dog food aren’t digestible for humans) like chocolate, sugary things, pesticides, and overwhelming flavour/seasoning. But I know families from different countries who have no problem traditionally feeding their dogs their leftovers. Anyway, depending on leftover meal, they usually mix scraps of meat and bone (even some fish bones) with rice and water. Whether the dog is mature or still a puppy, these dog owners feed them accordingly. Like, they won’t feed the puppy fish bones. From what these families told me (and what the vet told them), their dogs had no problems. They lived a healthy and long life. The point is it ISN’T an absolute no-no to feed dogs with human leftovers, as long as you research what it absolutely can’t eat!

Would you trust vets when they sell you stuff?

Sometimes, vets try to sell or “recommend you to purchase” commercial dog food in an exclusive manner. Remember they’re just giving you an option! As long as your dog doesn’t need those products to aid their ‘treatment’ (if they have any issues), you probably don’t need to spend money on them. Unless, you’re one of those people who are always on-the-go and have no time to feed your dog (which you probably shouldn’t own one ’till you think you have the time for it. Caring for a dog is a lot of work!). Usually, the relationship between vets and these “recommended brands” is a BUSINESS relationship. Vets aren’t necessarily experts in dog nutrition. They’re not stupid about it either. But if you wish to learn more about your dog’s diet and nutrition, consult a “Veterinary Nutritionist” or read The SkeptVet Blog!

Do you believe “no preservatives added,” printed on packaging?

It seems that whenever a brand prints ‘that’ on the package, the dog food is automatically clean of preservatives. It’s true that the brand doesn’t add preservatives. But MAYBE, their sources DO add preservatives. Just, MAYBE. It’s just sometimes; I think some companies add ‘certified titles’ (think false advertising) onto their packaging. However, sometimes there are loopholes in language… Sometimes, language can be deceiving. To add, a “no preservatives” might even mask the possibility of what ingredients are actually used. Apparently, some cheaper products contain traces of dead animal, road kill, and cat/dog meat in it. It’s a possibility.
IN ANY CASE, there’s always a reason to be considerate of what you’re feeding your dog and what businesses recommend you to feed your dog.

I admit I still feed my dog commercial food. But I mix it up with fresh “human” meal every now and then. Meaning, I cook up recipes for my dog OFTEN. See if your dog likes Un-Seasoned Boiled Chicken!

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