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1D: I Ate This: BENEFUL Dog Food: Incredibites For Small Dogs by Purina


Beneful Dog Food claims they are

“Protein-Rich Nutrition in a Small-Sized Kibble… they are small-sized, fun-to-eat… (They have) real beef, for strong muscles; Calcium-rich ingredients including yogurt to help support strong bones and a healthy smile.

Ok? I didn’t know that. I guess I should teach Ozzy how to ‘smile’ aside from holding up his paw for a treat.

“Wholesome grains packed with carbs (and so on) for energy; antioxidant-rich nutriti…”

Ok! I get it. This feels like it’s the same package ad for humans except there’s a picture of a dog on it, and the word “dog”. Either way it looks like a bag of rice or some kind of really organic cereal.


There’s a bowl of some sort of dry, Earth coloured, grainy, and organic, looking cereal in dog associated shapes like bone marrow-oh they even have a heart shape, carrot shapes, and peas too. I’ve always wondered about their colours. I know dogs were somewhat colour-blind. I’m not sure if these displays would actually be attractive to them. However, opening the bag… it really, reeks, of dog food. It smells Earthy and almost like fermented meat. It almost reminded me of strong curry with lots of sodium.

However, the more I examined its aroma I felt there were strong hints of how some human cuisine smelled like. I guess, to your possible discomfort, I managed to kind of (just kind of) find it a little more appetizing. Besides, I haven’t eaten all morning and it’s now noon.


I spread some of the cereal onto my dog’s bowl. I noticed he consistently chose green pea shaped ones over the others.

Here I go!


I’m like, hovering on top of my kitchen sink while doing this. To be honest, they didn’t taste like how they smell at all. It’s actually, quite bland­­–really bland. I guess they taste good to dogs? Or they are healthy for them at least? No wonder they love human food there’s a ton of flavor there. So there were six shapes and colours:

  • The Green Pea Shape: There’s a pea pod on the packaging so I assumed this was, in fact, a pea infused granule. It was slightly chewy. A little salty at first then it got very bland. This was probably the only one with a distinct flavor compared to the rest, unless my tongue got accustomed to the taste. But I kept gargling with water and spitting out residue before tasting the next. Earlier it seemed my dog really recommended this to me and I actually agree with him. The Green Pea really tasted better than the rest. At least for my first dog food experience.
  • The Orange Carrot Shape: There was also a carrot image on the package. This one was kinda crunchy but bland.
  • The Brown Bone Marrow Shape: No picture of animal with bone marrow besides happy puppy photo. This one was slightly chewy and tasted the same as The Orange Carrot.
  • The Darker Brown Chicken Leg Shape: No photo of poultry, slightly chewy, and tasted the same… bland.
  • The Darkest Brown Heart Shape: Nothing like it on the package, though it could have symbolized or resembled things other than meat-heart such as love and health. It was kinda crunchy and again, bland.
  • The ONE Red Dreaded “Moist Chewy Chunk”: The package had three photos of raw meat cubes. I expected the texture to be quite pasty, but it wasn’t. It was just as chewy as The Darker Brown Chicken Leg. Also, I found no difference in taste. It was bland. The Green Pea wins!

Well that was not so bad. I guess eating wet dog food would be a different story, and a different blog. So far, ‘Beneful Dog Food Incredibites for Small Dogs by Purina’ tasted mostly like stale, bland, thick, slightly chewy and crumbly, and slight to moderately salted cardboard. Learn more!


I wanted to know what other people thought of this product so I searched Google for reviews. Included in the top links was www.dogfoodadvisor.com. Cool!

Rated 1 star.

Written by Mike Sagman from ‘the Advisor’, Beneful Incredibites’ dry dog food’s estimated nutrient content was not up to par to their standards. The page highlighted in red some of the ingredients that proved to be controversial or an issue with them. For example, this package includes ‘chicken by-product meal’ that is inexpensive and a low quality ingredient. There was also ‘meat and bone meal’ that can have a lower digestibility, and ‘artificial coloring’, which I found very obvious.

Overall, this once source does not recommend this for dogs as it is “plant-based kibble using a below-average amount of chicken by-product meal” deserving only 1 star.


Moreover, apparently I tried crappy dog food. Darn.

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