About Me

Hello! I am at my 4th, and last year, at University of Toronto in Mississauga. I major at the Institute of Communication, Culture and Information Technology, and minor in Cinema Studies and Professional Writing & Communications. One of my courses requires us to create blog posts of topics we were interested in, so I chose to try dog food…

I have a white Bichon-Poo whose ears are slightly brown. His name is Ozzy (See the Ozzy Gallery!), which is short for Oswald. He loves attention, cuddles, people, sleep, walks, and playtime.

429838_10151180489435027_1891761943_n[1]Inspired by various blogs on ‘International tasting adventures eating viewer-sent treats’ (such as YouTube’s ‘emmymadeinjapan’), I simply thought it would be hilarious (in my mind anyway) to document and share my reactions, experience–good or bad–and observations of my dog’s food. I will try to keep my posts as informative as I can if a pet owner decides to use me as reference. However, please keep in mind I am an amateur at this topic. These posts are for fun.

So far, I have not experienced any stomachaches and allergic reactions, as I never swallow dog food. I spit it out after ‘tasting’ nibbles of it. There is not much information online regarding human consuming dog food to know if it is good or bad. However, there are some resources that talk about eating dog food and its curious effects, which can be read here:

What Happens if You Eat Dog Food?

If you search topics such as “has anyone eaten dog food” on Google, there should be a bunch of forums on that topic. Overall, I observed there were numerous people who ate dog or cat food without ill-inducing effects. Consuming pet food is just imbalanced human diet. At all costs, this blog is simply for entertainment purposes that I hope you might also find informative and useful.

Jeanette R.


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