4B: Happy Halloween 2013!

Uh Oh. You might not have Christmas this year! I was “The Grinch” for Halloween 2013.

Photo on 2013-10-30 at 01.22 #3Halloween, along with Christmas, is one of my favourite annual events/holidays ever! I’m fond of things that spook people. I watch tons of horror films. But what’s Halloween without CANDY and sweet things? I’d like to share some links that reflect some awesome Halloween treat ideas for kids to enjoy!

  • Visit Yoyomax12‘s channel! She shows you how to bake and create cupcakes and candied treats inspired from spiders, ghouls, mummies, goblins, and more!
  • Are you a gamer? Check out Rosanna Pansino and her Nerdy Nummies! She can teach you how to make Minecraft treats and Diablo 3 Skittle Vodka Potions!
  • Interested in an unconventional blog? Here’s Jolene Sugarbaker the Trailer Park Queen!
  • One Pot Chef Show has the EASIEST, QUICKEST, and MOST CONVENIENT way to whip up something magical and sweet! For example, this homemade ice cream made in a BLENDER!

I wonder which treat they showcased you’d like to try! 🙂



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